About Me

I’m Sierra, a very happy ex-Californian currently living in the rocky mountains. 

When I’m not writing, I’m reading. And always—always, always, always—drinking coffee. I have a deep love of all things paranormal, and believe me, it shows. There is nothing more enjoyable than curling up with a good book where malevolent forces and dark underworlds try to tear each other to pieces. 

Completed projects include Lush (120,000 words), an urban fantasy with plenty of romance and mystery, which I am currently seeking representation for.
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Right now, I am working on a dark, witchy YA, full of murder, betrayal, and all things heart-stopping. 

And, of course, I am always writing little things and sending them out into the internet.
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Lush Synopsis

Delany Parker is just a PhD student in Eureka, California, losing faith in humanity one faculty meeting at a time. However, humanity is not what she needs to be worrying about. After the murder of her friend and student, Delany is kidnapped and taken to a military encampment of gods and monsters, fawns and satyrs. Delany learns that she is a Maenad, sired by the ancient god of drunkenness and debauchery, Dionysus. And she isn’t exactly happy about it.

Dionysus wants to keep her close, almost certainly to increase his own power, but Delany has some plans of her own. First on the list, making a beeline back to Eureka. Second, forgetting that any of this ever happened. Her feelings change when she learns that the string of murders around campus are being perpetrated by members of this new world.

With the help of Ander, a satyr she still hasn’t entirely forgiven for kidnapping her, she sets out to find the creature or creatures responsible for the murder of her friend. However, even in a world of nymphs and monsters, things are not what they seem, and Delany learns quickly that there is another entity orchestrating events in Eureka. If she wants to find them before they find her, Delany will have to embrace her birthright as a Maenad, distancing herself from the life she is desperate to return to.

“Something in the House with Me” Short Story

The following is a short story of mine, recently featured on the podcast Meet My Ghost.

It started when I moved in with my boyfriend.

I just graduated college, graphic design with a minor in dance. Yeah, I know, dance. But, I graduated, landed a decent job where I made decent money. Compared to most college graduates, I was ahead of the game.

Even with a dream job, I still needed to get a roommate, needed a way to keep my rent low while I paid off my loans. This seemed easy enough at first, At least until I realized all of my friends moved back home and out of the city.  No friends, no roommate prospects.

I did, however, have a boyfriend.

He was older than me with a good job, his lease was up, he knew I was looking for something, and we were serious enough for it to be a conversation. Actually, with my frantic apartment hunting, it was impossible not to have at least talked about it.

Neither of us were really ready to move in together, though. We had seen more than a few of our mutual friends break up after just a few months of cohabitation. To my mind, nobody was perfect. People had rough edges and sometimes, even if you loved somebody, your rough edges could end up bringing out the worst in each other. Then you break up, and someone is left in the lurch with the rent in a one-bedroom apartment.

We were so hesitant that we might not have done it at all, but then my boyfriend got the promotion. He works as a drug rep, staying local mostly. However, with a new position he gets to go all around the Midwest, gone nearly all week and back on weekends.

It kind of seemed perfect, the best of both worlds. We got plenty of space and still got to have weekends together. I got a roommate, and he had someone getting some use out of his rarely inhabited apartment.          

Plus, he makes a ton more money than me. The places we could afford together were palatial compared to the craigslist dumps I had been scoping out before. We ended up getting a little two-bedroom, two-bathroom, slice of heaven with hardwood floors and marble countertops.

We moved in together, and things are going great.

Here’s where things go from great to weird.

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